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Firestory is the first platform to provide an end-to-end solution for the generation of bushfire intelligence across all phases of the Bushfire Intelligence Cycle. Using the latest cloud technology, Firestory provides a single pane of glass view of all of your disparate data investments, whilst allowing you to rapidly integrate new models and technology, and put data into context in one central decision support system.

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Deliver meaningful insights to users, whilst reducing cognitive load.

Our Vision is to empower communities and organisations with the technology and knowledge to prevent, prepare for, and effectively respond to bushfires. Ultimately creating a safer and more resilient world.

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Situational Awareness
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Using the latest cloud technology, Firestory stands as the single integration point for new, existing, and siloed systems. Firestory’s true power lies in the platform's ability to interpret, structure, and display incident data in real-time, using both mapping and dashboard based interfaces. 

Our engineers will rapidly integrate priority datasets, identifying gaps, opportunities, and building a scalable data model from which to derive insights from all of your data.

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Insights in Real Time

With your data structured in Firestory, we can rapidly build models that notify users of incident risk, flag optimised response options, or create bespoke insights relevant to your agency. Firestory is capable of leveraging existing models or we can develop custom AI models and algorithms to provide further insights across the entire Bushfire Intelligence Cycle.

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Built to serve Incident Management Teams

Firestory is incredibly malleable, and can easily be customised to serve your users needs. Feature and workflow modularity is a guiding platform principle, deeply embedded in Firestory’s DNA. It allows the solution to directly address your operational team’s pain points whilst creating opportunities to streamline workflows and to generate decision making intelligence.

How Firestory Solves Your Challenges

As the frequency and intensity of bushfires continue to increase, there's a greater need for intelligent solutions that can help predict and mitigate these hugely impactful disasters. However, working with bushfire data can be an enormous challenge due to its complex nature. At Firestory, we understand data.


Bushfire data is often spread across multiple siloed sources and systems, each with their own unique format and structure. This can make it difficult to determine which data sources are relevant, and how to combine and analyse the data to get actionable insights. Through providing a single pane of glass view, Firestory reduces the complexity of the technical ecosystem for users, and saves precious time.


The amount of data generated during a bushfire event can be overwhelming. This data can include everything from satellite images and weather data to social media posts and emergency service reports. To extract meaningful insights, it's essential to be able to quickly sift through this vast amount of data and identify what's relevant. Algorithmic processing within the platform helps surface priorities and potential impact to users, reducing the cognitive load. 


Bushfire data can often be intermittent and irregular, making it difficult to obtain a complete and accurate picture of what's happening on the ground. For example, satellite images may be obstructed by cloud cover, or coverage via cameras may encounter interruptions.  Through layering multiple complementary sources, Firestory can address coverage gaps and ensure redundancy in your decision making process.


In a rapidly evolving bushfire event, it's critical to be able to capture data as quickly as possible and turn it into actionable intelligence. Delays in data capture or processing can result in missed opportunities to prevent or mitigate the impact of the disaster. Our cloud based solutions save hours of processing time, putting predictions in the hands of users in minutes, not hours. 


With so much data available, it can be challenging to provide the right amount of information without overwhelming users with irrelevant or redundant data. Through automatically notifying users of risk, change and task completion - the signal to noise ratio is drastically improved, and time to decision moves forward fast.

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Firestory was developed by Australian technology company, Kablamo. Kablamo has deep experience in designing and building cloud-based software and data platforms for some of Australia’s largest enterprises and government organisations. This includes extensive work with a major state-based Fire Services agency, building a cloud-native bushfire predictions and risk assessment solution that utilises best-practice machine learning.

Firestory addresses all phases of the bushfire intelligence cycle - and can support collaboration across stakeholders - including asset owners, utility providers and emergency services.

Please email us if you’d like to learn more about our platform, or the custom development services we offer to help you solve your specific problem.

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