End-to-End Bushfire Intelligence Solution

Providing decision-makers with real-time insights for a safer and more prepared world.

Powered by Human Intelligence. 

Firestory is the first platform to provide an end-to-end solution for the generation of bushfire intelligence across all phases of the Bushfire Intelligence Cycle.

Using the latest cloud technology, the platform unifies diverse data sources, enables the swift integration of new models and technology, and centralises data into a single, central, view for improved decision support.


Robust, Scalable Cloud Data Platform


Prepare and reduce risk, by running predictions for hazard reduction activities


AI detects fires and smoke within social media posts


Fire predictions and potential impacts available in minutes to help prioritise your response


Understand every incident and response with an automated log of decisions and assessments

All the fire data you need,
in one place

Power, Scalability and AI Capabilities

cloud technology

Situational Awareness
in one Tab

Using the latest cloud technology, Firestory stands as the single integration point for new, existing, and siloed systems. Firestory’s true power lies in the platform's ability to interpret, structure, and display incident data in real-time, using both mapping and dashboard based interfaces. 

Our engineers will rapidly integrate priority datasets, identifying gaps, opportunities, and building a scalable data model from which to derive insights from all of your data.

bespoke insights

Insights in Real Time

With your data structured in Firestory, we can rapidly build models that notify users of incident risk, flag optimised response options, or create bespoke insights relevant to your agency. Firestory is capable of leveraging existing models or we can develop custom AI models and algorithms to provide further insights across the entire Bushfire Intelligence Cycle.

decision making intelligence

Built to serve Incident Management Teams

Firestory is incredibly malleable, and can easily be customised to serve your users needs. Feature and workflow modularity is a guiding platform principle, deeply embedded in Firestory’s DNA. It allows the solution to directly address your operational team’s pain points whilst creating opportunities to streamline workflows and to generate decision making intelligence.

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